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Ridgeland Art Show

Several hand crocheted animals sit on a black table. They are all about the size of a palm. Clockwise from the top are a yellow duck, a black and white cow, a pink animal (possibly a bunny), a grey elephant, a blue unknown animal, a pink baby elephant, and a blue dinosaur.
In April, the Ridgeland Area Library hosted an art show to commemorate "Create Wisconsin" month.

If you want to see some impressive local artworks and handicrafts, check out "Art Show Put the Spotlight on Local Creators" in our May 2024 issue.

Below are photos that we didn't have room for in our print edition.

Feel free to comment on and tag your artwork.

All photos submitted by Donnette Mickelson

Several paintings, drawings, and small quilts are laid out on three long tables. Among them are sketches of a horse and rider, landscape paintings, and a folk style Halloween quilt with a pumpkin wearing a witch's hat.

A rectangle rug hook artwork is labeled "Folklore Wedding. Original design and hooked by Betty Glaser." The peace has a pineapple in the center with two birds on either side. Below the pineapple is a heart.

There are four paintings that appear to be 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. All are of a red barn in various seasons.

Several quilts are laying on a table for display. The largest is light blue and red quilt. The design is square blocks.


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