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Ridgeland Civic Club, May Happenings

By Betty Glaser

From left to right are a girl, a boy, a person in an Easter Bunny costume, and the children's mother.
Alaina, Thomas, and their mom Megan Day pose with the Easter Bunny. This year's Ridgeland Easter Egg Hunt was held at Bird's Place. Photo submitted by Betty Glaser

This month, the Ridgeland Civic Club is getting ready for summer. We will meet on Thursday, May 23 at 6 p.m. at our trailer to work on the village’s plants and planters. The Civic Club trailer is next to the Village of Ridgeland’s Maintenance Building off Hwy 25.

We hope to have the planters and flags out in time for Memorial Weekend. We will also be going through our planters and downsizing the ones that are on their last leg (or lost a leg!) or have seen better days.

Summertime also means getting together at Bill and Karen Groepper’s house for fun events. We plan to use these gatherings to make Christmas trees for the park and build our float in time for Labor Day! We all look forward to meeting at their house for potlucks, fun, and laughter.

A Look Back at Easter

We had temperatures in the 70s leading up to Easter Weekend. No snow or mud; just warm weather. We all thought we were going to have the Egg Hunt in the park. But no, once again, Mother Nature was in control and gave us snow and cold weather. 

We had to move the egg hunt indoors and are most thankful to Bridgette Kahl, the owner of Bird’s Place, for hosting. When we reached out to Bridgette, she said: Absolutely, you can have the easter egg hunt here! Anything for the kiddos.

A toddler wearing a yellow and blue plaid shirt stares up at the camera. He is holding a plastic Easter egg. Two women are crouched down in front of him.
Elija and his mom Angie (right) visit with Civic Club member Karen Groepper (left) at the Easter Egg Hunt. Photo submitted by Betty Glaser

Bird’s Place was an ideal location, as we were able to divide the children into three areas. They truly seemed to enjoy themselves. We celebrated with over 75 young community members. To say that we faced Mother Nature head on, and we won would be an understatement. 

We especially want to thank Civic Club member Colton Lammers for playing a very important part of our Easter Egg Hunt. (Hint: The children loved him.) Also, thank you to Jim the cook for being so accommodating.

Join Us!

A person in an Easter Bunny costume is seated. Surrounding them in the back are the five Civic Club members, who are all wearing red shirts.
From left to right, Civic Club members Grace Jorstad, Betty Glaser, MaryBeth Wachsmuth, Karen Groepper, and Ray Glaser pose with the Easter Bunny.

If you would like to join in on the fun, the Ridgeland Civic Club typically meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. Our members include singles and couples, young and old. 

Our only request of you is to come with a smile and plan on having fun! Contact Betty Glaser at Follow us on Facebook.


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