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The Hay River Review encourages the community to submit photos and content for consideration for publication. Our readers often have the inside scoop on what’s happening and their contributions are greatly appreciated. Our upcoming deadlines for submissions are listed on Facebook and on page 3 of each print issue.


The Hay River Review is seeking writers of all kinds to help us inform, entertain, and enrich our readership. Whether it’s covering events, interviewing local business owners, writing opinion pieces, or just sharing a great story, we want you to write for us!


As a monthly newspaper, we have a limited amount of space. We ask that you limit your copy to 1,000 words for articles and letters to the editor. Press releases should be 600 words or fewer. 


When writing, it’s always good to include information about who, what, when, and where. Please include photo captions at the end of your article and make sure they can be easily matched up with your provided photos. Please upload photos as separate files; do not embed them in your article. 


Submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Questions?
Shoot us an email at!

Upload Copy File


The best photos for print are a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Please be sure photos are not blurry and that subjects are well-lit. For new (not historical) photos, please have permission to publish photos of people as primary subjects where possible. That can be as simple as asking, “Can I take your picture for the Hay River Review?” Please name your photo files in a way that helps to pair them with your article (where applicable) or identifies them as a feature photo.


For stand-alone photos, please include a caption and photographer’s name in the form below. If the photo is from an event and doesn’t have an accompanying article, please include the event name, date, and location. Please include names of people in the photo if you can. If you don’t have all of that information, please tell us as much information as possible. 


For photos with an article, please put all caption and photographer info at the end of your article. Please upload photos as separate files; do not embed them in your article.


Historical photos that don’t meet these requirements may still be newsworthy. Please contact us at for guidance on older photos. 


For photo submissions please fill out the form below, and then upload your photo(s).

Upload Photo File
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