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Color Applied to Print Ad

Color Applied to Print Ad


Select this if you'd like your ad to run in color vs black-and-white. In order to select the right ad size, determine column inches by multiplying #of columns wide by # of inches tall. For example, a 2 column wide ad that is 2.5" tall would be 5 column inches.

  • What We Need to Get You the Best Results

    Black text in color ads must not include C, M, or Y. Use Hex#000000. Preserve color settings in output. Export as US Newsprint (SNAP 2007) in pdf or png format. Please note we also offer ad design services if you're unable to provide what is needed.

  • Service Fee

    Paying for color online incurs an additional 2.9% +$.30 to cover transaction costs. If you'd rather go the old-fashioned email-and-check route, please email